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The History of Track and Field Sports

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Track and field sports are events which contribute to the fore the prowess of the man. Throughout history Kings and rulers have held contests to commemorate a meeting or simply for fun and diversion. The early civilizations in Greece and India had track and field sports, but the Greek source is well recorded and there are records available from 776 BC. Records imply that in the point the sole real event was a race

But recent Berita Olahraga by archaeologists, suggest that the games in Greece might have in all probability been held much earlier perhaps from the 10thor 9th century BC. The Games of mans prowess were held in Olympia as is confirmed by a group of Bronze relics that have been discovered indicating that prizes were awarded to the winners. As the early games were correlated with Olympia, the modern Olympic Games derive their name from this source.

The most famous of this track-and-field games that is a lasting testimony to man’s endurance is your Marathon. This could be the longest race of endurance. But this race as per recordings available is just a recent occurrence because it didn’t form a portion of those ancient games. The Current Marathon was introduced at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. The race at this Olympics was ran from Marathon, a place northeast of Athens to the Olympic Stadium at Athens. The measured space was 42.195 km (26 Miles and 385 yards). He’s reported to have run 149 kilometers to Sparta on this particular news and alerted the Spartans to the Persian threat.

The early games were held every 4 decades and the current games have followed suite. Once the games turned into an everyday feature other games which test your power and strength were all added. So the Javelin throw, discuss Shot put throw in addition to wrestling events were incorporated in the ancient matches.

In ancient India, Khustie or Indian wrestling, Hand and Arm events and wrestling of both Archery were conducted at regular intervals, though there was not any regularity like the Greek events. The track and field events have now expanded and the Olympics have turned into a world event, but we should thank our ancestors who thought of these accomplishment of strength and artwork which regale us to day.

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